Anti-lime (Magnetic)

There is now a very easy and permanent solution for clogging caused by lime in equipment:


Hard water means limy water. Limy water refers to the presence of high levels of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) molecules in water. If the water is hard, water-running products fail over time, the lifetime of products decreases, the quality of cleaning decreases, energy and detergent consumption increase.

Permanent Neodymium magnets discoveried on the 1980s are magnets that can produce very strong magnetic fields without depending on any energy source. Magnetic anti-lime water conditioner is the product that operates with the principle of conditioning the water exposed to the strong magnetic field produced by Neodymium magnets.

The SAN Aqua Magnetic Anti-Lime Water Conditioner resolves the calcium and magnesium molecules in the water into ions (molecules that cause lime formation). During this process, the biological structure of the water does not undergo any change. With this method, lime can not be purified from the system. However, thanks to the strong magnetic field, the lime molecules are neutralized for a certain time and lose their adherence properties. In other words, they undergo physical transformation into aragonite (melt) structure and are discharged from the system together with the drainage water. In this process the degree of water hardness does not change. The SAN Aqua Magnetic Anti-Lime Water Conditioner prevents damage caused by lime without a treatment or filtration process*.

Benefits of Using SAN Aqua Magnetic Water Conditioner;


• It reduces the use of expensive chemical antilime products to a minimum and saves money . 

• It prolongs the life of your machine (washing machine / dish washer) and prevents lime-welded defects.
• It requires less detergent use as it allows the detergent to dissolve better and saves on the use of detergents (up to 50%).
• It allows the clothes to be cleaner and softer during ironing.

• It prevents the formation of lime stains on the dishes and provides savings on the salt consumption.
• Economic and long life.
• Eco-friendly.
• Easy to install.
  • It prevents formation of lime and rust.
  • It saves electricity and other fuel types.
  • It makes detergent saving.
  • It solves all kinds of lime problems and provides easy cleaning.
  • The resistances do not get lime.
  • It decreases maintenance-repair costs of household and industrial appliances
  • Your machine's life prolongs.
  • Lime layers do not occur in tea / coffee machines and teapot.
  • It prevents obstructions in drip irrigation pipes in agriculture.
  • It solves all the lime problems in the wet pet cooling system.
  • It raises the quality of drinking water.
  • You do not need to use chemical anti-lime.
  • It contributes to the protection of the environment.
  • Call us for all other lime problems.

  • You can protect all products that can be damaged by lime in industrial locations, hotels, hospitals and similar places, and you can get rid of the burden of major repair and cleaning.
  • *The performance of magnetic anti-lime water conditioners may be reduced where the water is too hard.
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Water before magnetic
Water before magnetic

Water after magnetic

sanqua ®Medi

• Place of Use: installation of all water pipe suitable for ¾ inch (19.05mm) pipe diameter.
• Working Principle: Working by creating double-sided very strong magnetic field
• Magnetic Field: It only penetrates into the area inside and on the pipe.
• Outdoor Unit: Seamless high quality stainless cover
• Temperature operation range: up to 250 °C
• Connection: Electrical Cable Connection
• Size: 75x75x50mm
• Weight: 1kg
• Space requirement: 75mm straight pipe
• Mounting location: place where water is taken, eg water faucet
• Mounting direction: Vertical or horizontal
• External Energy: No need for electrical power
• Maintenance: No maintenance required
• Warranty: 20 Years

sanaqua ® Mini

• Workplace: Pipe diameter 1 inch 25.4, single-section house
• Working principle: Working by creating double-sided very strong magnetic field
• Magnetic Field: It only penetrates into the area inside and on the pipe.
• Connection: star screw connection
• Size: 105x65x50mm
• Weight: 1,2kg

sanaqua ® Master

• Workplace: Pipe diameter ½ inch 12.7mm to 1 ½ inch 30.81mm
• Connection: 2 stainless connections,
• Size: 180x100x85mm
• Weight: 4,2kg

sanaqua ® 3 Inch 76,20mm

• Size: 225x160x125mm
• Weight: 7,8kg
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Anti-lime (Magnetic),