Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Water Filtration and Storage System

"Save money, protect the environment!"

The amount of water per capita in our country is 1,500 m³/year. If we estimate that our population will rise to 87 millions in 20 years, it is predicted that this figure will fall to 1,042 m³/year and we will be among the water poor countries.

It is an extremely striking fact that only 30% of the falling rainwater today, where water is so important, participates in underground waters and the amount of rainwater that can not be utilized is huge.

Considering that water prices are also increasing in the direction of the importance of water, the collection, storage and evaluation of rainwater is an extremely effective method in terms of environmental and water resources as well as economic gain.

Where and How to Collect Rain Water? The rainwater can be collected mainly from roofs, open spaces such as parking areas, roads and drainage pipes around the building/wall. The collected rain water is directed to the rain water filter with the pipes and the filtered water is taken to the storage. Where can the collected rainwater be used? Filtered rainwater can be used for purposes such as washing machine, WC reservoir, cleaning work, car wash, garden irrigation.

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Rainwater Harvesting,